portrait_kent_croppedKent is an un-repentent factory rat, having spent 26 years in manufacturing in the computer, disk drive, and semiconductor industries.

As project manager at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), he brought artificial intelligence  (R1, aka XCON) to the factory floor, and was project lead on DEC’s robot (Automata) with its Univ. of Grenoble (FR) / ITMI robot operating system (LM), shown at the Robots8 factory automation tradeshow.

As an applications programmer, Kent worked on machine-to-machine communications (SECS II) at Atmel Corporation, and process control and document control (FactoryWorks and Documentum) at Vitesse Semiconductor.

Kent McNaughton

He instructed in computer hardware (PDP-11) and software (UNIX) at DEC and Vitesse, respectively, and served as an adjunct professor at the University of Phoenix, teaching technical subjects (Introduction to Computing, Computer Architecture, and Networking).

He’s currently developing a base robot and a few tools it will use, which he hopes will serve as a foundation for a desktop manufacturing workstation. He’s looking to attract a community of people to help develop its ecosystem.

Kent has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BSBA – Univ. of Phoenix), a master’s degree in Computer Science (MSCS – Univ. of Colorado), and certification as a manufacturing engineer (MfgE – Society of Manufacturing Engineers).

He sings (mostly crooner genre), enjoys rational conversation, thoughtful people, and batting ideas around.

Kent is a father of four and grandfather of seven of the best kids around. He lives in Boquete, Panama with his lovely wife, four cats, and a very disobedient dog.