Safety Considerations For Parents

Nearly all forms of “making” come with some safety hazard; whether it’s frying up a burger, sewing a hem, or constructing an addition to the house. Building a robot or any of its add-on parts is no different.

Specifically, when it comes to the task of post-processing parts that have been 3D-printed, sharp tools are needed, and some powered hand-tools are recommended to make the job go quicker and smoother.

Before starting on your journey with your child, I suggest thinking about the extent to which you are willing to entail some safety risk and how comfortable you are with your child using tools that could injure. In learning new things in the world of repair, etc., we’ve all had to learn how to use tools that can do damage to us.

Different parents will assess risk vs “a good age to learn” differently. Some children are ready to use tools responsibly sooner than others.

Some questions you might consider are:

  • whether your child is ready to use this tool, or that tool?
  • how much supervision is too little, too much?
  • are there particular tools you’d like your child to master?
  • are there parts of the work that you’d prefer doing yourself?
  • what are they, specifically?
  • have you talked to your child about safety practices
  • wearing gloves where practical,
  • safety glasses,
  • cutting in a direction away from you,
  • keeping your finger off the trigger to the tool until it’s time to drill or cut,
  • keeping your mind on the task?

Safety is, of course, of critical importance in work and at play.

The license this project comes under disclaims any responsibility and holds the licensor harmless for injury, among other things.

That said, I sincerely hope you’ll have a safe and meaningful journey of learning with your child.