3Struder (3-Extruder Leveling Platform) Assembly

In this setup three Finix Extruders with E3D hot-ends are mounted on an end-effector platform designed for them. The 3-Extruder Platform (3EP) includes a facility for leveling the extruders. It also allows the extruders to be mounted in either ‘T’ or ‘Y’ configurations. The ‘T’ configuration is somewhat wider along the Visible Robot’s ‘X’ axis, but sets the extruder nozzles closer together for potentially shorter travel times. The ‘Y’ configuration is longer along the robot’s Y-axis. Filament, of course, can be fed through the platform to the extruders in either situation.

3E-assembly_base_T-configured-base-view‘T’ extruder configuration top view

3E-assembly_base_T-configured-bottom-view‘T’ configuration hotend view

3E-assembly_base_Y-configured-base-view1‘Y’ extruder configuration top view

3E-assembly_base_Y-configured-bottom-view‘Y’ configuration hotend view

NOTE: The two top photos do not show the 3_extruder_platform assembled to the 3_extruder_base part. (Refer to the BOM_3_Extruder_Leveling_Platform for part names and illustrations).

The 3EP consists of two main pieces and three ‘tee” pieces to which the extruders and motors are attached. One of the main pieces—the 3_extruder_base—facing the workspace, holds the tees, which hold the extruders. The other is connected to the three shafts of the robot’s Z-axis. The two pieces are themselves connected by spring-loaded screws. These screws are used for leveling the extruder—that is, getting them in the same plane as the robot’s work surface.

3E_assembly_all-parts3_extruder_base (above) with tees mounted. 3_extruder_platform

(below) with attaching screws and washers. Springs between them.

For purposes of this document I’ve chosen to mount the extruders in the ‘Y’ configuration. This orientation conserves space along the robot’s X-axis.

Mounting the extruders is simple. Start with the three extruders all mounted to their respective finix_extruder_tee_brackets. Use three M3 x 12 screws for each of them and attach them to the flat side of the 3_extruder_base.

3E-assembly_base_base-viewExtruders mounted to 3_extruder_base

Connecting the 3_extruder platform to the base is nearly as easy. Insert three M3 x 25 screws and three flat washers through the three boltholes in the 3_extruder_platform.


Platform with screws and washers

Put the three springs onto the screws as they come through the platform part. (The springs are 6mm x 20mm, 1.0mm wire—as referenced in the BOM doc).


Add the springs

Attach the platform as currently assembled to the 3_extruder_base, with its extruders already assembled to it.3E-assembly_platform-complete-close-up

That’s it! You’re DONE with the assembly stage!