Auto Tool Changer Features

ATC_assembly_complete-w-2-cables2ATC with USB-Micro and USB-C cables

ATC_assembly_front_closeupATC tool-coupling face

The Visible Robot’s ATC:

  • Designed as a docking station for “smart tools”
  • Smart tools” interact with a workstation controller via protocol          ( Tool ID→Pwr reqm’t→Signaling reqm’t→Task commands↔ Sensor response )
  • Control the tools from USB Type-A Micro for simple tool control (on/off, spindle speed, etc.), USB Type-C for more complex tools (Audio/Visual, added Degrees-of-Freedom, etc.)
  • Power the tools from USB USB Type-A Micro for up to 2.5W of power (5V @ 0.5A) USB Type-C w/PD2.0 for up to 100W of power (20V @ 5A)
  • Solenoid-controlled grasp/release of tools
  • 3 ports for up to three tools