BOM 3Struder Leveling Platform

This is a bill-of-material for the 3Sxtruder end-effector platform (EEP), which accommodates three E3D extruders to be installed onto the Visible Robot and provides a leveling capability.

3D-printed parts

Screenshots are not shown to scale

Part name                                Qty

3_extruder_base                         1       3_extruder_base

3_extruder_platform                    1       3_extruder_platform

finix_extruder_tee_bracket          3       finix_extruder_tee_bracket

Total 3D-printed parts              5


Purchased parts                      Qty

springs 1.0mm x 6mm OD x 20   3

Total purchased parts               3


Fasteners                                Qty

M3 x 12 screws                          9

M3 x 25 screws                          3

M3 washers                                3

M4 setscrews                              6

Total fasteners                         21