BOM Finix Extruder V1.1

This is a bill-of-materials for a direct-drive, 3D-printable, reversible (right or left-hand filament release/clench) extruder mechanism. It is designed to work with the E3D V6 hotend, although other hotends with a similar neck style (e.g, Ubis) could be fit with a change to the Finix Extruder collar diameter and height. The Ubis collar is included as a bonus component.

3D-printed parts

Part images are not to scale

Part name                                   Qty

finix_extruder_base_v1_1        1           

605_bearing_capture_v1_1      1           

605_bearing_clasp                        1            605_bearing_clasp

bearing_id_retainer                      1            bearing_id_retainer

two_spring_retainer                      1            two_spring_retainer

release_lever_v1_1                         1          

filament_leadin_bracket               1           filament_leadin_bracket

e3d_v6_collar                                    1           e3d_v6_collar

e3d_v6_collar_mirror                   1           e3d_v6_collar_mirror

ubis_collar                             bonus1                ubis_collar_mirror

ubis_collar_mirror               bonus1               ubis_collar

finix_extruder_platform_v1_1 bonus2       

finix_extruder_tee_bracket    bonus2          finix_extruder_tee_bracket

mk8_tee_bracket                     bonus2            mk8_extruder_tee_bracket

Total 3D-printed part files available 14

1 Bonus collar files. The default (assumed) hot-end for the Visible Robot is the E3D, though others may be used.

2 Bonus mount files. These are available in the printable file download and also as design files, but not required as an integral component to the finix_extruder. The finix_extruder_platform is the component used to mount a single Finix Extruder to the Visible Robot or the Visible 3Bot.


Purchased parts                        Qty

Mk8 filament drive                        1 // Filament hobbed drive

605ZZ ball bearing                         1 // Clench / release

6mm OD x 20mm spring             2 // Filament clenching

NEMA17-48 motor                         1 // With V1.1, replaces a NEMA17-40 motor

E3D hot-end w/40mm fan          1

Total purchased parts                6

Fasteners                                      Qty

M3 x 50 bolts                                   4 // Motor, spring retainer coupling

M3 x 25 “                                           5 // Retainer lever; motor mounting

M3 x 12 “                                           2 // Bearing capture, spring adjust

M3 nut                                               1 // Spring adjust

M4 setscrews                                  6 // Fastening to Z-axis shafts

Total fasteners                            18