Preface to the documentation

The documentation was done aiming at providing a step-by-step tutorial for the assembly and, where required, the configuration and wiring of the devices. That meant doing it in detail. Within, there are NOTES, TIPS, and HINTS, alerting the reader to things to watch out for, or easier ways of doing things.

The assembly documents for the Visible Robot and the Visible 3Bot are structured by major assembly. These being significant projects, the thought is to give the assembler something “bite-size,” yet tangible which, after completion, he or she can take a break, admire what was accomplished, and enjoy a reward (not included 😉 before returning to the next task.

Throughout, when referring to the parts, the documentation uses the names of the parts in the design’s bill-of-materials (BOM), which—for printed parts—reflect the part-names of the printable .STL files and the .SCAD files of the source code.

To aid the construction, the documentation contains many photos and illustrations. For the more experienced this may be enough. For the very experienced, it may be enough that at the beginning of each major assembly there is a photo of the tools required and all parts needed. Still, the detail in the text remains when in doubt.