Auto Tool-Changer (alpha)


The Finix Auto-Tool Changer is a 3-port tool-docking station. In final form (out of beta) it will provide the power and signaling needed for “smart tools” to be used by the workstation.



The Finix Auto-Tool Changer (ATC) is the main component to facilitate the Visible Robot’s transition to a general-purpose light-duty workstation.


Currently in alpha stage, without controlling software or electronics, in final form it will allow the robot to power, programatically dock/undock and control the activity of various tools that the workstation will use to perform work. These activities will occur using two USB cables fitted to the ATC: a Type-A micro, for simple tool control; and a Type-C, for smart tools requiring more power and/or bandwidth.


It is a key element in providing a foundation for a fully-automated desktop manufacturing workstation – 3D-printing, light-duty CNC, etc.
This alpha-stage product is of most interest to developers.


The downloaded files include the 3D-printable .STL files, an illustrated bill-of-materials document and post-processing and assembly instructions.


Solenoids, solenoid controller, USB cables and fasteners are not included.


The OpenSCAD (.SCAD) design source files can be downloaded from the site following purchase and registration.
License: GPLv3 or greater (See


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