Finix 3Struder Leveling Platform


The Finix 3Struder Leveling Platform provides the capability to mount three E3D or Ubis extruders to the Visible Robot. A nozzle-leveling capability is provided.



3E-3-qtrFinix 3Struder in ‘Y’ configuration


The Finix 3Struder allows the mounting of three direct-drive Finix Extruders with E3D or Ubis hotends to the Visible Robot. The platform includes provision for leveling the hotend nozzles so as to be in a parallel plane with the printbed.


The downloaded files include the 3D-printable .STL files, a complete Bill-of-Materials and post-processing and assembly instructions.


The product is a set of files and documentation. The Finix Extruders, E3D or Ubis hotends and NEMA17 motors are not included.


NOTE: If you are purchasing the Finix Extruder as well, only a single Finix Extruder download is needed. From those files you can print as many extruders as you like.  😉



Preface to the Documentation

3Struder Leveling Platform Features

Post-processing Guide

3Struder Assembly

Bill-of-Materials 3Struder


The OpenSCAD design source files can be downloaded from the site following purchase and registration.

License: GPL V3 or greater (See


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