Product brief — Auto Tool-Changer (ATC)

Auto Tool-Changer (ATC) –beta


Auto Tool-Changer with USB-Micro and USB Type-C tool interfaces

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The Finix Auto-Tool Changer (ATC) is designed as a mechanical tool-holding / tool grasp-and-release interface, which also provides the power and signaling needed for “smart tools” via a USB-Micro and a USB-C “Full Featured,” active cable providing up to 100W of power and 10Gbps of signaling. The ATC has three tool-coupling ports for up to three “smart tools”–each serviced by USB Micro and USB-C.

The Finix ATC is a key element in providing a foundation for a fully-automated desktop manufacturing workstation – 3D-printing, light-duty CNC, and other tasks the creative mind will conceive.

The ATC comes as a set of 3D-printable files, a detailed assembly document with photos, and a bill-of-materials of all parts—with illustrations of the 3D-printable ones.

Access to a 3D-printer is needed to print the plastic parts.

The design is at “beta” stage. It comes without controlling software and without a protocol for communicating with a tool. The designer would like to work with other developers to “flesh-out” these needed components into the envisioned “fully-automated desktop manufacturing workstation.” Architectural suggestions and design reference material are available on the Finix Developer’s Forum.

OpenSCAD source files are available with the purchase.




Preface to the Documentation

Auto Tool-Changer Features

ATC Assembly

Bill-of-Materials ATC

License: GPLv3 or greater