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Finix Extruder (beta)


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The Finix Extruder is a direct-drive 3D-printable extruder for the E3D or Ubis hotends. It features an easy-release lever and can be reversed to provide either right-hand and left-hand mounting. This reversible mounting capability is ideal for multiple-extruder rigs.

The Finix Extruder can be mounted to the Visible Robot using included 3D-printable mounting bracket designs.

It is designed such that it can be mounted and used on other 3D-printers with appropriate mounting brackets. (These designs are not included, but may be derived from the available OpenSCAD files).

The Finix Extruder comes as a set of 3D-printable files and a detailed assembly document. It also includes a bill-of-materials of all parts—with illustrations of the 3D-printable ones and details of the parts to be purchased.

Access to a 3D-printer is needed to print the plastic parts.

The purchase entitles the buyer to participation in the Forums, and to product updates developed by Finix Systems for the life of the product.


Preface to the Documentation

Finix Extruder Features

Finix Extruder Post-processing & Assembly

Bill-of-Materials Finix Extruder

License: GPLv3