Product brief — Visible Robot

Visible Robot

p1020364Bottom-mounted Z-axis motor

dsc00779Top-mounted motor with alternate Z-axis carriage and extruder

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The Visual Robot is a large working-envelope—590x350x120mm (23”x13.5”x4.75”)—leadscrew-driven cartesian-form 3-axis robot, designed as a foundation of a desktop manufacturing workstation – 3D-printing, light-duty CNC, etc.

It can use either NEMA17 or NEMA23 stepper motors.

It comes as a set of 3D-printable files and detailed assembly, wiring and configuration documents. It also includes a bill-of-materials of all parts—with illustrations of the 3D-printable ones and suggestions as to suppliers for the purchased parts.

Access to a 3D-printer is needed to print the plastic parts.

The purchase entitles the buyer to participation in the Forums, and to product updates developed by Finix Systems for the life of the product.

OpenSCAD source files are available with the purchase.


Preface to the Documentation

Visible Robot Features

Working Envelope Choices

Visible Robot Assembly

Visible Robot Post-processing

Bill-of-Materials for the Visible Robot

Visible Robot Design Ideas

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